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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  June 26, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a close call for philadelphia police when a car plows in the active scene. why they believe that driver was trying to take them out. cutting ties, university of delaware taking action after controversial comments from an adjunct professor what she said about the death of otto warmbier that cost her her job. sky ride free fall a teen dangles from a ride while terrifies guests look from below, what some people on the ground did to make sure that she survives without being seriously hurt. terrifying moments there great to have you with us here , is what going on with the chairs here they no longer
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roll. >> no. >> they made some changes. >> i got rolling once we can switch. >> mine is statioary. >> so many changes it is monday, everybody. >> good morning. >> i'm doing all right. >> you sound better are you feeling better. >> i'm hanging in there. >> my mother in town now. >> she's helping take care of you. >> i wish i could move away but i can't. >> good to have you with us on this monday morning, sue serio , good morning. >> wash your hand, wash your hand. >> we still got a germ around. we have a beautiful day outside. if you can and feeling up to it, go out and enjoy our 10 out of 10 today. here's buddy, he is camping today because it is national canoe day, that might be a good thing to enjoy on a day where it is bright, sunny just don't forget that sun screen temperatures in the 50's and 60's we are off to a cool comfortable start and we have no precipitation at all to show you on radar, look at how
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beautiful, it is, 64 degrees, sunrise is a minute later then it was last week so you will not notice these days getting shorter. northwesterly wind when they have a breeze and 78 by lunchtime, 82 our high today with low humidity we call that a lovely afternoon but things will change and humidity comes back bob kill anytime for holiday weekend. >> sound good, sue. 6:02 on a monday, live look here, sun glare, 6:02, this is 202 right in the area of chesterbrook boulevard, watch for that sun glare right around your dashboard level, same deal on the bennie into downtown philadelphia, no problems or delays there on the bridge, first couple of trains on the chestnut hill west and paoli thorndale regional rail line getting out with some delays this morning so be ready go for jumbo coffee riding the train, in norristown, accident at
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lafayette and hamilton street with local detours and just above trenton new jersey route one at franklin corner traffic lights are in the working, for gang from west chester we got that traffic pattern split here north bound lanes split at route 30 between route 30 and frazier but we are in good shape on the schuylkill and in problems yet on i-95, thomas and alex, back to you. lets get to kensington this was a wild scene several police cars, bikes, damaged hit on erie avenue after a suspect barreled through a crime scene, steve keeley on the scene, talking about a close call. >> reporter: they catch two carjackers and get done and as they are dealing with the carjacking lets go to the video, intersection back opened one of the busiest in kensington i and erie. ten blocks from the original crime the carjacking but as they are surrounding this car mess of the officers on bikes, some in vehicles another vehicle comes at them and then they think this vehicle came
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at them intentionally. >> the vehicle, narrowly missed these officers. these officers and there were approximately five or six officers out here, they had to jump clear out of the way, this morning. these bicycles are marked police vehicles. >> all right. we apologize, for that as captain drew technor and what he was telling me was they don't think this was somebody under the influence. they think this was somebody intentionally aiming their vehicle at 60 miles an hour at least eight police office hours managed to dive out of the way at last second. you saw their bikes all smashed to oblivion. one of the bikes got thrown into one of the police cars with such force it nearly knock off the front fender, dented front bumper and left tire tread from the bicycle dented in the white cop car. we will have more from drew
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techare in when i see new a half an hour. he was very angry and upset as all these officers were. they got away without getting killed. one officer broke his hand making a carjacking arrest but that was only injury fortunately out here, wild scene here in kensington every night and new between the fourth district where wearies the busiest highest crime district. it was always 15th where most of the population is is in the northeast but 24th is now number one. >> just to clarify here steve, are they searching for suspects and how many. >> reporter: they don't know how many, they got one driver they are looking for with dark tinted windows on a nissan. they don't necessity if there was any other people in the car but they did see a heavy set guy driving it but they had no idea who that guy is they are hoping for surveillance video later on. >> thanks, very much steve. more developing news out of kensington 26 year-old died after being shot execution style, and now police are searching for shooter. it happened around 11:20 one
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allegheny avenue and d street, police say man was shot once in the head and no word on any arrests. crews battling a two alarm fire in chester broke out in the row home just before 1:30 this morning spread to go at least another home, good news no injuries being reported. state police say young boy dead after a fire tore through his family home in east coventry township yesterday morning. investigators say family member arrived home to find house on buckwalter road in flames. fire fighters found boy's body inside of the home. we don't know if anyone else was at home at the time. fire marshall says the fire started in the kitchen. talk about an unsettling end to the weekend in wildwood crest, look at this, a multi alarm fire and explosion leaves two homes destroyed this drone video really tells the whole story, it shows aerial view of the double house fire on park boulevard and as the drone hovered above fire fighters below bat telling one quickly, wildwood crest, neighboring companies
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they wrote the ground, residents, tourist, they ran over, grabbed their cell phones and they watched in fear. >> we were worried because we didn't know if people were still in the house or not, we saw black smoke coming out and then there was really bright orange flames and then chuck ran over and was getting everybody if they could out of the two houses. >> the chief says the fire intensified after propane tanks exploded with the assistance of several companies they eventually brought this one under control no injuries being reported. investigators tried to determine what sparked it. 6:07. pressure at university of delaware is under fire for facebook post about otto warmb ier, student who died after being held captive by north cover re. in the powe they say the 23 year-old quote got what he deserved, and apparently this is just the beginning. lauren johnson is live in newark, delaware this morning, not a smart move, lauren. >> reporter: not at all, those comments were controversial from the very beginning and now those word have cost her
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of delaware. she was an adjunct professor. she will not becoming back. we found out about that decision to ask her to leave yesterday evening and this comes two days after university released a statement saying comments of the catherine death we will door in the reflect values or position of the university of delaware. we condemn any and all message s that endorse hatred and convey instant sensitivity toward a tragic event such as the one otto and his family suffered. detwiler first made comments last wednesday on her face book page and then immediately people were calling for her firing. in so many word anthropology professor called warmbier an entitled young, rich white kid and blamed his parents for his death. the 22-year old was sentenced to 15 years hard labor, in north korea for allegedly stealing propaganda poster from his hotel in 2016, hoping to take it back home, as the keep sake, while in their custody, fell into a comb a he was released back to the u.s. in a state of unresponsive
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wake followness. he died a week later causing massive outrage and many unanswered questions. as for detwiler she will not be returning in the fall to teach any students and we have not heard there her publicly since her powe or firing, alex and thomas. this was her personal page , correct. >> reporter: right. >> of course, university officials not liking what she posted. more to come, i'm sure. >> all right, thank you. panic in the sky a loud bang lead to violent shaking on a plane look at this, this is more than just turbulence. what the pilot told passengers that had them fearing for their lives. >> almost like a washing machine isn't it? >> yes. >> shaking there. also ahead hanging on for deave life how does a 14 year-old girl, she fell from an amusement park ride and it is amazing what the people below did next. we will show you.
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how do you top a deal like that? ♪ hurry in, only at mcdonald's. ♪ captain said get say a prayer. it flight had to turn around this happened about 90 minutes into the flight. the plane landed safely, in one was hurt but emergency
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crew where is on stand by for a possible water landing. can you imagine pilot coming on just say a prayer. >> would like to believe with the shaking, it must be intense turbulence but when pilot tells me to pray, then i know it must be my timey used to love to fly. now, it is as more often as you fly and fly you start getting weary about being up in the air. i feel a certain comfort when the pilot comes on, introducing himself, smooth ride. but have you ever gone through turbulence like that. >> in the like that, no. >> flying out of dallas one time, literally the plane was shaking violently. you can tell, i look to the flight attendant toss see how they are racking they were quiet with their head down and every five minutes they came on and said ladies and gentlemen please sit down we will go through severe turbulence. it is a heart pounding moment, the entire plane was silent. not a word. occasionally you hear, but you start thinking about what if.
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>> have you ever been on the plane since. >> yes, i travel quite often but when you take off abe land , to go through something like that and from that point forward, i was like i'm good. i will take a bus. >> i say a prayer when we are going up and about to land, every time. >> i have my standard, get on the plane, please bless pilot, co pilot, passenger, crew, flight attendants. >> just to make sure we're covered. >> 6:13. throw backs at bet award, it featured reunion after reunion with the hottest acts of the 90's. we will she you best moments last night and you may have missed them. also ahead guess who is back, after crashing our pool party last week, that man richard curtis, he is going to join us to co hoe 9:00 a.m. hour of "good day philadelphia" straight ahead. #p
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at lee it will help get started with the beautiful weather we have today, this is reading, it is hard to tell because there is sun glare today but trust me, it is reading and delightful weather pattern in store for the first couple days of the week, heat, humidity, of course, they will return and it looks like a hot holiday weekend in store so we
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will have that breaking down seven day forecast, show you radar basically to show you nothing on it at the moment. so our forecast shows a weak front coming through a pop up shower and as a result, slightly cooler temperatures, tomorrow but right new temperatures at 64 degrees in philadelphia. sixty-four dover. sixty-one atlantic city. fifty-eight in wrightstown. we might have a computer issue with our temperatures. eighty-five average high yesterday and day before, saturday. we were a bit above average but below average the next couple of days. eighty-two today. cooler 78 degrees tomorrow and 80 on wednesday. heat and humidity back in time for friday, saturday, sunday along with the requisite chance of the thunderstorm and don't forget 101.1 more fm when you get in the car you can hear your weather authority forecast. >> good morning. 6:17 on a monday, live look at i-95 right here near scudder
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falls bridge. southbound side as soon as you come out of new jersey into pennsylvania, watch for the cones, they are right here, lined on up and take you down to within lane until 2:00 o'clock, coming back a lot of folks with the shore house they stay down extra night and come right from the beach in the office on a monday we are starting to see that extra volume toward philadelphia on the freeway. two regional rails running with delays first train out of the gate on the chestnut hill west and paoli thorndale line running with the delay. through norristown lafayette and hamilton police are on the scene of the accident there. right after rush hour crews will work on i-95 both directions between enterprise avenue and broad street, keep that in mind to or from the airport trying to access the navy yard there and then traffic late defective north of trenton along route one near franklin corner and then that construction zone along 202, where that lane split heading northbound at route 30
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and southbound side is only one lane opened as you head into the 30 bypass, alex and thomas back to you. developing out of columbia search is on for survivors after a boat capsized transporting passengers in the reservoir. six people are dead and 31 people missing, boat was carrying 160 passengers. president january manual san toes is at the scene and says there is in information about why the boat sank. more than 150 people are dead and dozens more injured after a fire in pakistan. fire started after an oil tanker overturned yesterday. an announcement over a loud speaker that the tanker sprung a leak sent villagers to race to the scene to get the spilled fuel. ten minutes later there was an explosion. they believe fire was sparked by a discarded cigarette. frightening moments at a six flags park in upstate new york where a local teen here fell 25 feet from a ride.
6:20 am
>> amazingly she fell in the arms of the crowd that gathered bee throw catch her. she's from greenwood delaware riding sky ride when it stops sorbing how leaving her dangling more than 902nd. she fell and hit a tree before landing, she did not suffer any serious injuries. one of the people who caught the girl suffered an injury to his back but he has no re. >> knowing that she's all right because of me and my daughter, made it worth it. >> god put us in the right place at right time we were able to do something good and we saved a child's life. >> six flags released a statement saying safety, security of our guest is our top priority. there does not appear to be a malfunction of the ride but we have closed it until a thorough review of the ride can be completed. >> they did an amazing job. 6:20. back on the court talking about the answer allen iverson playing competitive basketball once again but does he still have it? answer big three debut coming
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up next.
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good morning i'm sean bell phillies in the middle of a nine game road trip taking on
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diamond backs out in arizona and once again they find themselves in extra innings. bottom of the 11th two on, two out, dale, hits a rbi single past second, paul gold gold schmidt round bases and then scores. phillies lose two-one in the 11th their sixth straight loss in extra innings. and tonight, it is award time in the nba and sixers have two out of the three candidates for rookie of the year dario saric, joel embiid, embiid is clearly the best player but has in the played enough minutes so, he will probably be between saric and malcolm from milwaukee. big three, allen iverson's squad three's company took on rick barry's squad. iverson hits jumper right there. he went one for six but still, they get their, 161-151. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
6:25 am
we have been waiting, waiting. >> we have. >> talking about it here ben simmons at it again giving us an update on his recovery and he did it in style. >> he dit shirtless. so simmons posted. >> stop smiling so big. >> simmons posted instagram video of the one handed self alley hoop after working in the sixers practice facility in camden. he missed last season with the broken bone but set to sit out summer league play but after watching this maybe he will be ready soon. he is expect to be ready to go for start of the season. he wants to be part of the feds. >> yes. >> a lot of controversy bye that we will talk about that in the 7:00 o'clock hour calling themselves the federal before they play but good for him, simmons looking good. i would be rock ago this body shirt less right now. i'm a little concerned. he looks healthy. we want him to play but these injury happen in practice and
6:26 am
right before he hits the court >> he has to get back on the horse. people like it, that was saturday night. he was out there doing stuff. focused, ready to go. >> take that friday night. >> so ben simmons, we're ready for simmons, embiid, it will be a good season. tim tebow. >> he is getting a promotion in minor league baseball. >> mets promoted tebow to their team at port saint lucy their advanced a league affiliate. tebow has not been tearing it up in the minors hitting just .222 with three home runs. his first game with the team by the way is tonight. >> he hasn't been playing that well but got promotion. >> too late to help mets but he will advance, ticket sales, beyond that i don't think so. he is on his seventh, eighth life. >> when it comes to sports. >> in sports. >> tennis. >> tennis is next for tebow. >> i can see him play tennis. he is all around athletic.
6:27 am
>> would you buy tickets to see him. >> i haven't been to a tennis match, nothing against him, i'm sure you have been to the u.s. open. >> i have. >> yes. >> gets all of the tickets, yes. >> well, 6:27. lets get to steve keeley with an update on this accident. >> more than an accident this is a busy intersection here at i an erie and police say it was no accident that a guy driving down the road just like you see this septa bus do right now as they stop vehicle wanted in a carjacking another vehicle comes and they say intentionally tries to run over several cops.
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several philadelphia police officers are sent scrambling for their lives when their car barrels through an active crime scene why they believe that driver was trying to run them down. also, the university of delaware taking action in response to a professor's comments about the death of otto warmbier what she said about the american college student that cost her, the job group of fisherman has a whale of the story to tell, wow. what this whale was after when it nearly tipped the boat off the coast of new jersey, i can't not even talk i'm shocked looking at that video. >> cost them a few heart pounding moments here. great to have you with us on this monday morning, thomas
6:31 am
drayton good morning. >> good morning. >> wonder they didn't drop it, i see that, yeah. >> have you ever gone whale watching i have not. >> alaska, it is quite the sight and that happens. >> that close. >> they get very close. closer and closer as long as i'm prepared. >> i don't know if you ever really prepared for that. >> you ever been to whale watching. >> i have yet to experience that but on the bucket list. >> all right. >> look at wildwood, just waiting for you, well, we have to wait until they open up the pier, morey's pier. it is a beautiful day at the beach, but cooler then average for all of us and a 10 out of 10 because of the low humidity bus stop buddy here with his ore because it is national canoe day and don't forget sun screen because this is kind of weather where you will want to stay outside all day. fifty's and 60's as we walk outside the door. in philadelphia it is 64. 60 percent relative humidity.
6:32 am
northwesterly breeze when we get one. some temperatures that we do have here 64 degrees in dover. sixty-one atlantic city. fifty-eight in wrightstown. to the north of us we are in the 50's almost sweater weather, doyletown 55. fifty-five in west chester. we are heading with all this sunshine to 78 degrees by lunchtime. high of 82. ideal but of course humidity will be returning. it is summertime, bob kelly but we will tell you when coming up. >> 6:32, back at it, back to work and sun glare. live look at i-95 northbound stop and go look at shadows cast by sun here. anybody that head northbound this morning right at dashboard level there as you work your way up from delco toward airport westbound on the schuylkill expressway already a delay from approaching boulevard out and up the hill into belmont avenue they were doing work for most of the overnight but all lanes are opened this
6:33 am
morning. delays on two regional rail lines chestnut hill west and paoli thorndale line. norristown lafayette and hamilton with local detours and right after rush hour be ready for construction delays on i-95 between airport, essington avenue up through broad street crews out there startling at 9:00 until 3:00. back over to you. well, we will start with this breaking news out of kensington. >> several police vehicles we know were hit and bikes were hit overnight in erie avenue after suspect barreled right through crime scene, steve keeley with the very latest this morning, steve. >> reporter: all this just happened three and a half hours ago. it starts with the carjacking which is stopped, solved by philadelphia police, right here at erie and i streets. carjacking at k and pike. that was the easy part of the night for the police even though those carjackers were armed with the gun they got as well. it is when they are here with the stopped vehicle and they have it surrounded, we have
6:34 am
got bicycle officer from the 24th, patrol officers with marked units with the lights flashing when another car comes through this intersects, no attempt to skid, honk or stop, swerve, anything. police believe this driver intentionally tried to run down and run over police officers. >> officers from the 24th police district arrested both offenders and recovered a gun. great arrests for officers from the 24th police district however, this great arrest almost turned into a tragedy. by some sort of miracle the police officers that were out here were not injured, however , this nissan struck three philadelphia police patrol bicycles throwing one of the officer's helmets into the driver's seat of the chrysler sebring because the officers were jumping out of
6:35 am
the way. >> reporter: look at this, one of the police bikes hit by nissan with so much force, it gets thrown into the front of the 24th district command vehicle, puts a dent in the front fender, leaves bike tire tread and nearly knocks off front end bumper as well. one officer during the carjacking arrest broke his hand and was getting it reset at episcopal hospital. it is amaze ago this we're only talking about one officer with a broken hand from that carjack ago rest and in the a bunch of officers either dead or in emergency rooms right now, alex and thomas. >> close call there, you said it. steve, thanks 6:35. man is in the hospital after being shot four times by his girl friend's ex-boyfriend. this is happening in chester on 1,000 block of harrison street. police say the 48 year-old victim was shot once in the face twice in the neck and once in the arm, all this happening around 11:30 last night. he was taken to the hospital in stable condition. police in camden county are investigating after a woman was found dead with
6:36 am
multiple gunshot wound. police found 45 year-old diana marie sporto dead yesterday morning on the 700 block of bearedmore avenue in winslow township. they were responding to reports of the gun shots some one had shot her several times , and police have not made any arrests. the university of delaware is cutting ties with a professor after her face book post about on the on warmbier. >> the american college student who died after being held captive in north korea. the professor said quote he deserved it. lauren johnson in newark, delaware these word not sitting well with the university, lauren. >> reporter: not well at all, imagine thomas and alex you want keepsakes to take back home with you. he grabbed a poster off the wall of his owe tell in north korea, that cost him his life. the word from his professor here at the university of delaware cost her, her job. she taught here this past spring but she won't be coming bass a a professor in the future. her name, catherine detwiler, author and professor until that facebook post cost her
6:37 am
the job here. her rant was in response to the international story about otto warmbier. he was an american college student who snatched a government propaganda poster off a hotel wall in north korea he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor, well, earlier this month he was released back to the u.s., and then he was in a comb, and then he had died last week. well, detwiler didn't seem sympathetic suggesting that he deserved it because of his race and entitlement making harsh comments about him and his parents on her personal facebook page that comment has been since deleted. the university responded to her comments on friday saying in part that the university of delaware values, respect, civility so we are tonight committed to global education and stud a broad. therefore we find those comments distressing and inconsistent with our values. our sympathies are with the warmbier families. detwiler has not spoken out since her firing or powe but we do understand now she will not aloud back on campus, alex
6:38 am
and thomas. >> we will contact an attorney too to see how, remember with drexel there was a professor who had comments that had people upset but that professor stayed on. >> it happened twice. it raises the question on your personal facebook page it doesn't make a difference. in this case not so much. >> personal became public. >> yes. >> that is the issue. >> police in new jersey are transforming their personal smart phones into body cameras the new jersey city police department is first in the nation to test a new smart allows officers to turn their every day cell phones into body cameras. officers can strap the phone on to their chest and hit a button to start recording audio and video. it is an alternative to the expensive police body cameras. first in the nation, interesting. we will top up with that. more gestures of encourage for a local man singled out by people. >> mark smith blames his self but now karen hepp more good hearted people from near and
6:39 am
far, they are reaching out. >> reporter: well, that is the truth. he didn't want to tell anybody about this because he was so to him. truly a reluctant hero. he is being honored after enduring pretty bad cruelty by some kid. he and his care giver arrived to this wonderful crowd outside our rocky statue. he was honored with the teach anti bullying medal and he was victim, of course of a pretty cruel act by these kid this video was posted on facebook, they befriended him and ridiculed him because he has a disability even hitting him but he said i'm moving forward , not jelling on anything that happens to me. any of those hurtful actions. >> we are just very excited to be able to honor this gentlemen who has been through so much in his life and certainly was in the deserving at all to be victimized here. >> so he has all kind of card, letters, ireland, things from all another the world. he has gotten great sports memorabilia as well. he visited flyers earlier this month and how about that is
6:40 am
from the golden star warriors he got a signed picture of steph curry. all this coming on his birthday he just turned 40 this weekend and all he wanted was a quiet celebration. he got that. and then he had to have people say hey, buddy we want to say thank you, you were just being you and he had a nice event. way to turn a terrible negative into a positive. >> from steph curry. >> isn't that amazing so well deserved. it is heart breaking because he like so many bullying victims they feel like it is their fault and he just didn't want to be in the public eye, so good to see everybody embrace him. >> he is celebrated. so last night was a big night bet award. >> yes. >> they had so many performances we didn't see some categories, so, we saw reunion. this is new edition here. >> there is more, that is a lot of new addition, folks. >> they kept adding people over the years. knew addition, small.
6:41 am
>> they brought out people from the mini series, all of the actors. >> they sounded good. >> always. >> wasn't even vogue there. >> some of the biggest names from the 90's they are back n. he had his nose pierced, forced to wear a man romper and gets watchful eye over our good good day pool party so is what next for richard curtis on good day philadelphia we will find out. he is coming back and co host ing the 9:00. first kid
6:42 am
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hump back whale reached the side of the fishing boat this week but has gone viral. it appeared in the raretan bay just off perth amboy. man who captured the video said hump back was chasing a pod in the bunker but jumped out of the water, you saw it, he could not believe it. you don't see that every day. >> i can't believe it, my good ness. that was close, really close. >> get me to shore. get me to shore. >> i was like i'm done. >> or you can have a free willie moment, arms up in the air. >> don't mention free willie moment with bob because he will take it in a different direction. did you see him earlier in the 5:00 o'clock hour it was magic bob. >> magic bob. >> stripping. >> i only do that on the weekend. 6:44. you decide to come back from the shore this morning, right
6:45 am
into the office, here you go you are not the only one jammo on the gang on the atlantic city expressway heading in toward the freeway and then back toward philadelphia there we have got some sun glare. southbound i-95 not bad just yet. we will start to see some of the changes in the traffic patterns, the kid are all out of school and week long vacation starting to kick in so maybe we won't see early morning traffic jams but we have construction and sun glare westbound on the schuylkill expressway, heavy from the boulevard out toward belmont avenue. delays on three of the septa regional rails, chestnut hill west, paoli and cynwyd regional rails and norristown lafayette and hamilton scene of the crash and overturn vehicle police taking care of business. right after the rush hour penndot will be working on i-95, to or from the airport give yourself some extra time between enterprise avenue and broad street, they will be out until about 3:00 o'clock.
6:46 am
what is forecast looking like for today? lots of sun glare. sueby has got tonight 15 seconds word to describe ocean city new jersey, tranquil. surfers don't like it but everybody else does, waves just gently lapping the shore, you can tell we don't have much action in the forecast because it is a good weather day so we will start off with a look at temperatures for today and tomorrow, we will be below the average of 85. and that doesn't happen too often in the summertime. we celebrate because both today and tomorrow we will expect low humidity. no rain to show you on radar, none in the offing for today, and as we look quickly at future cast we will see a few
6:47 am
showers popping up, overnight tonight, and maybe in the early part of tomorrow but it is not a big deal, just a cool front reenforcing that dry air in place right now, so, 64 degrees in philadelphia, and dover, delaware, atlantic city and airport 61. many temperatures north and west of the city are in the 50 's this morning. yesterday was a superb sunday with a average temperature of 86 degrees today, as we mentioned below average 82. delightful temperature tomorrow of 78. just a few extra cloud around 80 degrees on wednesday and then we will go up, up, up with our temperature 88 by thursday. ninety by friday. chance of the pop up thunderstorm on sunday. of course, we're heading in to the holiday weekend thomas and alex, fourth of july, coming up. ♪
6:48 am
>> wow. >> i don't think i have ever seen a bad performance from bruno. >> he knows to electrify those stage. love me some brunos. he showed them laying back with a six minute opening performance but who noticed it was so packed, it was great. this was curve at bet award with some attitude. he knows thousand bring the act, did he that last night in l.a. >> all right, bruno, okay. >> a lot of people say this is probably one of the best openings they have had in a while. >> i think this was one of the best award show, bet award in quite sometime. they had so many performances, just jammed packed. that is the direction they should go in get rid of the award and have performances and honor artists i. >> i do like some acceptance speeches or boring but other
6:49 am
won they make interesting points and they say interesting things and to hear from the artist themselves. >> all right. it is a balance. >> but i agree performances were great. >> bruno mars, he took home best male r and b pop artist and for video of the year for sorry. >> it was interesting because he said he has a special relationship he feels like with the bet networks because his first award was from the soul train award. i was like wow. >> and it is moving because they don't necessity how to categorized him is it soul, r and b and is it pop? he trans send. >> yes, nice mixing thering on >> and chance the rapper had a big moment of the night, former first lady michelle obama taped a taped video message congratulating him on winning bet humanitarian award >> he was only 24. youngest member to receive that honor, among his accomplishment he donated one million-dollar to publish schools in his hometown of chicago in march and even led a march through chicago,
6:50 am
voting poles on election day in 2016. he also won, best new artist as well, coloring book, it is a really good album. >> he lead by example too. he really does. he is kind of soft spoken, and just, i don't know, good head on his shoulders. >> yes. >> twenty-four years old making his millions. >> big night for reunions too. >> escape made their fans dreams come true reuniting on stage for the first name 18 years. listen. >> ♪ >> okay, ladies. >> sounding good.
6:51 am
>> right, they all sounded good, tiny, all of them. i really like that rhythm. >> yeah. >> i'm going to let them sing it. it was really great to see them together. they looked good too. it wasn't only on stage reunion of the night, new addition. >> ♪ new addition is not that big they had cast from the mini series come together to sing with them. >> sing a lot of their classic , mr. telephone man, mr. telephone man. >> yeah. >> something wrong with my line, i call my baby's number i get a click every time. >> and can you stand the rain. >> and if it isn't love.
6:52 am
>> they are all in white this looked in. >> it gets you thinking from the 90's what groups. >> not just 90's. >> eighty's, 90's, 2,000. >> groups that broke up, for various reasons. brown stone. >> ♪ >> i would love a brown stone reunion. >> that was a good one. >> do you remember jade. >> don't walk away. >> ♪ >> another good one. >> what about you? >> so, this is not just 90's but trying to think of groups, so many are coming back together. what about b2k. >> ♪
6:53 am
>> break it down. >> take you back. >> that is r and b movie you have to dot hand out. >> yes. >> i want you to know, i love you baby, yes. >> what was that boys two, boys of the new millennium, so man. >> if you are listening, you have to do it for alex. >> do what? >> reunite. >> would i like to see that. >> i really like that. he had a solo career for a bit , that's still good. >> did he reality stuff. >> did he for a little bit, then he has a child and everything. so he is still doing their thing. b2k. >> woul i probably go see that. >> they were cute. they were so little this he were cute. you may be asked to take your reading material out of your car i on. why the tsa is cutting down on some paper products now.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
big congratulations in order for jordan hicks who got married over the weekend. she posted this picture on instagram, beautiful photo. >> yes. >> look at them, they look so nice. >> doing their thing. >> today actually marks one year since they got engaged in
6:57 am
turks and kay coast. they have had great picture. they proposed out on the boat. they looked lovely. look at that, bling, bling, being loved by you is the greatest blessing. >> big ring does not hurt either. >> big ring. >> two months salary we are all on different levels my friend. >> yes, that is nfl level. >> conn great to both of them. >> beautiful ceremony. >> we are following a developing story, lauren johnson talking about a facebook post gone bad. >> that is right, professor here at university of delaware gets her walking papers after controversial comments, what she said, and how university is responding this morning we will have it coming up after the break. warm beer.
6:58 am
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police targeted while making an arrest. >> this great arrest almost turned into a tragedy. >> several philadelphia police officers sent scrambling for their lives when a car barrels through an active crime scene, why they believe that driver was trying to run them down. cutting ties the university of delaware taking action in response to professor comments about the death of otto warmbier and what she said about the american college student that cost her, her job.


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